Ufot John Ibanga is an academics, a qualified teacher, international Educator, a lecturer, and academic Director of Barnfield Education (BEP Education) - a community supplementary education located in the London Borough of Greenwich United Kingdom, which he established in 2014 to provide quality education to disadvantage and hard-to-reach students at primary, secondary and Sixth-form level particularly those from Black and Ethnic Minority (BAME) background.

His vision is to transform lives through the provision of innovative and highquality supplementary education, to empower students to improve on their academic achievement and prowess to gain access to top Universities or employment opportunities. His philosophy about education is that every child can achieve if given the right tools, an ideal and student-centred environment to thrive. Therefore, establishing BEP education was because of his passion and quest for academic excellence, life skills development and the zeal to transform lives.

John started his teaching career as Economics/Business teacher in the United Kingdom and then travelled out to China to teach Economics and international Business as part of Cambridge programme in Nanjing High School from 2012 -2014. John taught international Business Management and Business English in Qingdao University - China before returning to the United Kingdom to continue his teaching career. His motivation to become international educator was to explore how students who speak English as additional language (EAL) learn and the skills/strategies required to cater for this group of students.

Having taught in secondary and further education for over 10 years, John made a decisive decision to transition to the Higher education sector and is currently teaching as a lecturer under the school of Business, Strategy & Operations in the University of Greenwich United Kingdom. He has taken this bold decision to change the direction of his career from secondary education to higher education because he believes his knowledge of teaching and learning, experiences and the skills he has acquired will be better used to meet the diverse needs of higher education learners globally. John holds a Bachelor of Science -BSc degree in Economics from the University of Lagos Nigeria. Advanced Diploma in Shipping Management & Port Administration from the University of Lagos -Nigeria.

Master of Science -MSc in Business Management from the University of Wales United Kingdom. Post Graduate Certificate in Education – PGCE with QTS in Economics and Business Education from St. Mary’s University Twickenham London – United Kingdom. Having successfully completed the taught phase in his Education Doctorate (EdD) programme, John is currently finishing the research/thesis phase of his Education Doctorate (EdD) qualification at the University of Greenwich- London. His research interest is in the exploration of the lived experiences and academic achievement of students with English as Additional language (EAL) and the impact of remote online learning on EAL students in the era of Covid19 pandemic and in the new normal.

John is Associate member of the Economics, Business and Enterprise Association (EBEA) in the United Kingdom and has successfully published his first academic article on EAL Education in the EBEA journal in 2021. John also holds membership with the National subject association for English as an additional language (NALDIC). As an academics, international educator and a community education champion, John has gained excellent recognition/award within the academia and community organisations. John was nominated for the Royal Borough of Greenwich ‘teacher of the Year’ award in 2020. He received the Black Female Entrepreneur of Greenwich (BFEG) 2022 community education volunteer award. This award category recognises excellent contributions and impact of educators to the advancement of children and young people’s education and the community at large. John also, received the University of Greenwich (UoG) BEST Mentor Award 2019/2020 as a recognition for his immense contributions to the University academic mentorship programme, being a positive role model to mentees and for providing efficient guidance, support and helping students develop sound employability skills which as a result secured excellent employment opportunities to his mentees with blue chip companies in the United Kingdom.